Campuhan Hill Ubud Bali

This hill holds a soft spot for me. The day I first arrived in Ubud, on October 5th 2010, the taxi drove me up Campuhan Hill, and I was wowed. With red-tipped vines hanging down, and the light filtering through, I was mesmerised. For the next few years, every day I’d ride to work, I’d think, “Wow, some commute!”. At times vast holes have appeared in the road, the the major traffic route east/west across town would be snarled up for weeks or months. During monsoon, the rock walls banking the road, pour forth mini waterfalls, making walking almost impossible.

On This Morning up Campuhan Hill

I stalked him, on my Scoopy, stopping every few moments to take another photo as he pushed his bike. He only looked around once, but didn’t seem to register me…

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