Flower Work

flower work is not easy. remaining soft in the fire takes time. By @nayyirah.waheed from Salt

2015 Looked Something Like This

America, Bali, England, Bangkok, Paris and Morocco. Grateful for a year on the move. New friends, places, light and beauty. Lots of music, camels, sand, beaches, laughter and love. Thank you, yes please more please <3

Lila Chihuahua

I’ve been dog and housesitting a fair bit these last few months. Lila is the smallest dog I’ve met yet – and the one with the biggest personality.

St Paul’s Cathedral

I’m always drawn to the Southbank. Whatever the weather, there are people walking fast, milling by the book stalls, meeting friends for drinks, musicians, performers, living statues, skateboarders, and then the bubble makers. A seemingly thankless task. But really, how delightful to create ephemeral, momentary beauty. Thank you. St Paul’s Cathedral The iconic skyline with the famous dome is worlds away from the other side of the Thames.


It’s been a long time since I was in Madrid. But some memory has called me back over the last few years. Increasingly, in Bali, the craving for long summer nights, wearing a light summer dress, walking down cobbled streets, nibbling on olives and sipping Rioja, brought me back to Europe again. My European roots could not be denied. And somehow, I think that I’ve only ever been to Madrid in August. The place is a ghost town – with most shops shut, and the locals wisely holidaying at the beach. Fine with me! All I needed to do was walk for hours, inhale the city, listen to people talk, see the older men in braces – where gentlemen still take breakfast in hats; women in slippers and house-dresses – all the while wearing the aforementioned dress. I sat at cafes in tree-filled stoney squares.  And somehow, something came full circle for me there. Madrid has exceptional buskers, I genuflected in a few churches, heard mass in Spanish and found my favourite chocolate bar. Another moment of perfect timing – my friend arrived back in town just in time to sit and talk through the night. Perfection.


After 5 years in Asia with 6pm sunsets (give or take 20 minutes), I craved long summer nights and European wine, cobbled streets, olives, blueberries and figs. And flirty skirts – without constant sweat. First step England, to spend time with family and friends. I have to seek out inspiration here – in Bali it’s just everywhere. Honeysuckle What else to shoot in a garden, but flowers? I’m rediscovering the flowers of my childhood. Honeysuckle stirs me.