Herons in flight at sunrise. I’m living in Petutu, just north of Ubud – famous for being the home of 20,000 nesting herons.


“I am”… I said To no one there And no one heard at all Not even the chair

Jungle Shower

Jungle shower, Bali sunset. Typical day yo ?

Burning Sunrise

A long day in the saddle, off-road biking, lava fields, Bali Age villages and a blistering sunrise with fast blowing icy clouds.

Being human is an exercise and it takes your whole life.

“The idea we’re given of reading…is that I should sit here and I should be entertained. And the more classical model that has been completely taken away, is the idea of a reader as an amateur musician. And amateur musician sits at a piano, has a piece of music which is the work made by somebody they don’t know, who they probably couldn’t comprehend entirely, and they have to use their skills to play this piece of music. The greater the skill, the greater the gift that you give the artist and that the artist gives you… It takes all kinds of sensitivities…all kinds of different qualities to understand what is going on in that book, not just on the superficial level, its plot and character, but what it believes… And the complexity of that is a real education of the emotions and of the heart; and it’s very hard to get that education elsewhere. Those procedures are vital. They’re really important to becoming a human being. Becoming a human being isn’t just something you get with your birth, it’s an exercise and it takes your whole life.” Zadie Smith


suki zoe jana standing rock

Encountering You

Encountering you, I found a sense in my abyss. Viollette Dulac

World Photo Day

I shivered in those solitudes when I heard the voice of the salt in the desert.


suki zoe smoke bali


Jackson was my winter muse. This field I called The Seven Kingdoms. March 13th was foggy. But that was then.


I went down to the coast to visit my Sara. Everyone who loves her calls ‘my Sara’. Her new house is scattered with my old things. Jars painted with hearts, Ganesha gathering cobwebs in the window, my faded duvet. Pererenan It was raining when I woke up, I scraped myself out of bed, onto my bike, and scooted down to the beach, leaving my flip flops on the bike. It was dark and wet, no surfers. Just the way I like it. Moody. Private. No flashy colors – just sky, clouds, light and ocean. The dark line of water on the black sand. My (other) kind of sunrise. Happy. Home.

The Nayan Pools

Saturdays with Elora and Nayan in the Nayan Pools at Bambu Indah. With the Ayung River rushing by below the pools, it’s another world. At sunset, the swallows swoop just above our heads… Thank you <3

Tampak Siring

Good morning Bali. Rising in the dark, to make it to the jungle beneath Mount Agung for this misty sunrise. Stunning..

And Breathe

You know your jet lag is over when your insomnia is back to it’s usual schedule.. Campuhan Ridge sunrise – it never gets old.

Bambuh Indah

[caption id="attachment_2339" align="alignnone" width="940"]Bambuh Indah Ubud Bali No return to Bali is complete without a sunset from the deck of Bambu Indah, overlooking the Sayan and the Ayung River. Here the land pulses, hums and throbs, and I feel like I'm home.[/caption]

2015 Looked Something Like This

America, Bali, England, Bangkok, Paris and Morocco. Grateful for a year on the move. New friends, places, light and beauty. Lots of music, camels, sand, beaches, laughter and love. Thank you, yes please more please <3

Six Weeks in Morocco

No trip really begins until two weeks in. For the first 14 days at least, I find my heart and mind remain wherever and with whomever I’ve just left behind. And then shit gets real. Presence happens. For whatever reason I chose Morocco (oh my what an unplanned contrast to Bali) it was incredible – my eye was continually delighted. I spent many happy hours on buses, trains and in grand taxis – and so my surprise, enjoyed each of them very much. Six Weeks in Morocco I left with much of the country yet to be discovered, but I’m happy to have been to the mountains, the oceans, the cities and the desert. Until next time Morocco. Shukran.

Chefchaouen and the Rif Mountains

I reached the cooler climes of the Rif Mountains, and for the first time since arriving in Morocco, I relaxed. Being cradled in such beauty, in a tranquil blue town where people genuinely seem happy, was balm to my soul. I was invited on a ‘walk’ by Abdul. He said the medina was too hot, so we should go where it was cooler. Haha, cooler my ass.  We enjoyed a six hour hike – 4 hours up in the fall sun, 2 hours descending with the sun – where sweat formed in layers under one another, like rings on a tree. Chefchaouen and the Rif Mountains But oh the beauty. This area is the main marijuana growing area of Morocco, and we walked through farm after farm of hashish, for as far as the eye can see. I’m still pinching myself that it’s all real. We visited a bio farm, where some young German woofers were toiling. With no running water or power, the energy was unique. In one afternoon we saw (and tasted) walnuts, pomegranates, almonds, thousands of ripe figs, oceans and oceans of marihuana, grapes blackberries, cactus fruit, carob, bamboo, plums, olives, honey, rose hips and mini tomatoes. This […]

Oceans of Sand on the Edge of the World

The Sahara. Oceans of sands, timeless winds, camels and endless sunshine. The silent space of a star filled night. The sunrise which brings color to the world moment by moment. The sense that you are on the edge of the world, between modernity and the ancients. Oceans of Sand on the Edge of the World Every movie I’ve seen filmed here flashes in my mind – Peter O’Toole and Omar Sherif, Star Wars and Gladiator. Jesus of Nazareth, The Sheltering Sky, Jewel in the Nile, Kingdom of Heaven and Babel.. This is the yellow I was craving after years in the jungle. The silence and space – a contrast to the raucous jungle which grows before your eyes. Here the only movement is the odd beetle, a flowing tuft of grass and the moving sands.


On my final night in England, I walked the lanes again. This time the sun was out, along with the combines. After cold days and a moody start to August, at last there was golden light and gold dust. Dust The powdered harvest filled the air.

This Cheeky Wave

These are my favourite kind of waves. Just before they break – there’s a cheeky tip. I scour the beaches for the spots where they swell, waiting for just this moment. Cheeky Wave The rest of the ocean swells, few ripples, deeper currents beneath. Then a crest. A few seconds building..


Another tranquil morning. I don’t love the big flashy skies with the bright colors so much as this. Blue The quiet hour. With only fishermen for company. And the dogs. Always Bali dogs..


It was one of those mornings. There wasn’t much to shoot. And then this chap strolls along, being all joy full and stuff. Beach Joy If you go to the beach pretty much every morning for a year, you get to know the colors fairly well. The light, the shadows, when the fisherman return with full nets, when the dogs wake up hungry. This morning I felt like I’d shot it all before. I’d been there done that. I heard a noise, turned around, and he was dancing in the cloud reflection ocean puddle. Perfect.

Wherever I Roam

I left Canggu, and found myself in California – just in time for winter don’t you know. I have epic timing. Again. And I found myself on another epic beach and a new sunset, facing kinda the same direction. Same sky, different light. Wherever I Roam As I travel, I seek out trees and beaches. Who knew this Londoner had so much nature in her? Guess I ain’t no Londoner no more..  


Oh these trees! Different light and different smells than Bali. These are two of my favorite reasons to travel. Oh, and food. Of course. Eucalyptus The history of eucalyptus in California is interesting. It seems that artichokes and eucalyptus are two things which Californians crave, miss and identify with.


Another moment of tranquility on the banks of the Ganges. There was chaos behind me, noisy crowds, dogs, kite flying, cricket playing, and laundry being laid out to dry. And before me – serenity. Ganges The Ganges draws so many people. It is at once personal and shared, private and public.