Jungle Shower

Jungle shower, Bali sunset. Typical day yo ?


suki zoe kate


suki zoe emily kusersuki zoe emily kuser


suki zoe dani


suki zoe lesya jump


suki zoe jana standing rock

Because How Could I Not

I’ll keep posting photos of Bambu Indah, because, how could I not? The new Honeymoon House, with it’s copper roof perching on a hillside, overlooking the river and the Nayan Pools – it’s a miracle of location, design and nature. It’s uniquely Bambu Indah. Another gem from Elora Hardy and Ibuku <3


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Six Weeks in Morocco

No trip really begins until two weeks in. For the first 14 days at least, I find my heart and mind remain wherever and with whomever I’ve just left behind. And then shit gets real. Presence happens. For whatever reason I chose Morocco (oh my what an unplanned contrast to Bali) it was incredible – my eye was continually delighted. I spent many happy hours on buses, trains and in grand taxis – and so my surprise, enjoyed each of them very much. Six Weeks in Morocco I left with much of the country yet to be discovered, but I’m happy to have been to the mountains, the oceans, the cities and the desert. Until next time Morocco. Shukran.

Russell Price

Ruski is a damn fine writer. Funny, irreverent, insighful and sharp, we shot these photos at my ‘other villa’ Desa Bulan, for his new blog. I’m itching to read it.

Planet Backpack

During my first shoot with Conni on Campuhan Ridge she was upstaged by some bales of straw. Planet Backpack Conni is Germany’s No. 1 travel blogger. It was a pleasure to hang out with her and hear about how she lives, works and travels. Check out her site (all in German) for more.