This Cheeky Wave

These are my favourite kind of waves. Just before they break – there’s a cheeky tip. I scour the beaches for the spots where they swell, waiting for just this moment. Cheeky Wave The rest of the ocean swells, few ripples, deeper currents beneath. Then a crest. A few seconds building..


Another tranquil morning. I don’t love the big flashy skies with the bright colors so much as this. Blue The quiet hour. With only fishermen for company. And the dogs. Always Bali dogs..

Balian Surfer

Surfers watch breaks. It’s what they do. Try as I might, I’ve yet to understand the patterns of the oceans, the movements of the waves, the rhythm of the swell. Balian is pretty much only known for it’s surf. The place people come to from all over Bali just to do one thing. Balian Surfer Another sunset. Another beach. Another surfer.