Hello Bali

Hello Bali it’s been a minute. It’s good to be home – reunited with this land, these people, this soundtrack of frogs, bats, dogs, geckos, birds, chickens, dogs and cicadas that I love and missed so much, and with Lesya.

Being human is an exercise and it takes your whole life.

“The idea we’re given of reading…is that I should sit here and I should be entertained. And the more classical model that has been completely taken away, is the idea of a reader as an amateur musician. And amateur musician sits at a piano, has a piece of music which is the work made by somebody they don’t know, who they probably couldn’t comprehend entirely, and they have to use their skills to play this piece of music. The greater the skill, the greater the gift that you give the artist and that the artist gives you… It takes all kinds of sensitivities…all kinds of different qualities to understand what is going on in that book, not just on the superficial level, its plot and character, but what it believes… And the complexity of that is a real education of the emotions and of the heart; and it’s very hard to get that education elsewhere. Those procedures are vital. They’re really important to becoming a human being. Becoming a human being isn’t just something you get with your birth, it’s an exercise and it takes your whole life.” Zadie Smith

I’m about to love you and love you. Be ready.

I’m about to love you and love you. Be ready.

Sunrise + Coffee

Sunrise and coffee, with Renee on her balcony. You’d think it would be easy to find a day to capture some images here but NO. We moved this shoot 3 times before finding some light. The cloud banks have been a constant fixture for the last few weeks… So we drank coffee, laughed a lot and played with light..


Yogi Derek blew bubbles under the fairy lights for the little French girl..


There’s something about Sofia. A recent graduate of High Vibe Yoga, Sofia lit up Bisma Eight along with the sunrise..


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Erika Faith

Erika Faith, founder of Cloud Nine Yoga, California is a pioneer in the yoga world. After shooting her yogis in America, I was overjoyed to spend more time with them in Bali. Cloud Nine Yoga training is unique, and fosters a remarkable community of teachers around the world.

Amy Jean Pastore

I spent a day at Melati Cottages with the amazing Amy. She is a shining light from New Jersey, where she runs Flow Yoga Studio. Amy Jean Pastore I first met her in Chiang Mai way back when. She then showed up during Bali Spirit Festival, and the rest is history.  

Bex Carlos

For the inaugural cover photo of Inspired Bali magazine, I met featured two of the key yogis in Ubud at the time. Bex Carlos Bex Tyer and Carlos Romero, yoga teachers at The Yoga Barn, pretty much led the acro yoga craze in Bali. You couldn’t move for yogis hitting the floor and flying each other. ‘Let me fly you’ became the hottest pickup line 🙂

Om Collection

I had the joy of a sunrise shoot at Ananda Cottages Ubud, with Katie Armstrong, renowned hula hooper Jocelyn Gordon and acclaimed dancer Shakti Sunfire for launch of Katie’s new fashion label. Om Collection Since this day, the Om Collection has gone from strength to strength! Inspiring to watch Katie start Om and then run with it.