Alice + Rusty

It takes a village. And it took 3 or 4 or 5 days all told. Wineries, breweries, beaches, dancing and a constantly laughing bride. Friends and family from near and far, gathered together in Margaret River to celebrate the marriage of Alice and Rusty. They lent furniture, carried straw bales, chopped, stirred and whisked food, painted signs, played music, hauled kegs, donated wine, erected the tipi, cleared the garden and donned themselves in costumes for a wedding ceremony and party in the garden. It was beautiful. Every wedding is moving in some way. This wedding moved us in every way. Each speech was heartfelt and true, funny and loving. Two stellar humans united, surrounded by people who love them, in the house of their dreams – it was perfect.

31.9505° S, 115.8605° E

When flights to Perth are cheaper than flights to Singapore, you come to Perth for the first time. Luckily my friends are in town, and the sky is doing is moody winter thing, so all is well. It’s flipping freezing – there’s nothing like some contrast to put things into perspective..