Sunrise with Leanna Rachel at Bloo Lagoon, East Bali. The early songbird caught the worm <3

You’ve got the music in you, don’t you.

All the love and beauty of Sky and Renee.

No. 37

“When I look at my life I realise that the mistakes I have made, the things I really regret, were not errors of judgement but failures of feeling.” Jeanette Winterson When I need to catch up with myself – today’s state of mind and heart – I return to my greatest loves in music and literature. Where would I, where would we be without these anchors? Colours, textures, sound and visions – these threads through memory and life. This image is entitled No. 37 – because I have Dave Matthews’ voice in my head – from a live gig, “Song #41″ was titled thus so because it… creatively, as it’s the forty-first song we wrote, it’s called Number Forty One.” I discovered Dave Matthews one day at work at Sacred Chow in the West Village. Time stood still. A colleague said to me, ‘I don’t get you, you like Dave Mathews AND John Denver?’ At that very moment, over the speakers, Dave covered a JD song.. Today I’m burrowing into memories from colder places, from days before computers and personal cellular devices. When I photocopied pages from Jeanette’s books and pinned them around my bed..


suki zoe kate

Kate + Andy

suki zoe kate andy


stay is a sensitive word. we wear who stayed and who left in our skin forever. By Nayyirah Waheed


  Sometimes I want a quiet life. Other times I want to go a little bit fucking Gatsby – Atticus.


“You cannot be so close to another, to be within each other, to smell their sweat, and rub your body with theirs and see nothing of their soul. Or if you can do that, well that is a dreadful thing.”

Lovers Ubud

Lovers Ubud Bali


It’s been a long time since I was in Madrid. But some memory has called me back over the last few years. Increasingly, in Bali, the craving for long summer nights, wearing a light summer dress, walking down cobbled streets, nibbling on olives and sipping Rioja, brought me back to Europe again. My European roots could not be denied. And somehow, I think that I’ve only ever been to Madrid in August. The place is a ghost town – with most shops shut, and the locals wisely holidaying at the beach. Fine with me! All I needed to do was walk for hours, inhale the city, listen to people talk, see the older men in braces – where gentlemen still take breakfast in hats; women in slippers and house-dresses – all the while wearing the aforementioned dress. I sat at cafes in tree-filled stoney squares.  And somehow, something came full circle for me there. Madrid has exceptional buskers, I genuflected in a few churches, heard mass in Spanish and found my favourite chocolate bar. Another moment of perfect timing – my friend arrived back in town just in time to sit and talk through the night. Perfection.

Campuhan Hill Ubud Bali

This hill holds a soft spot for me. The day I first arrived in Ubud, on October 5th 2010, the taxi drove me up Campuhan Hill, and I was wowed. With red-tipped vines hanging down, and the light filtering through, I was mesmerised. For the next few years, every day I’d ride to work, I’d think, “Wow, some commute!”. At times vast holes have appeared in the road, the the major traffic route east/west across town would be snarled up for weeks or months. During monsoon, the rock walls banking the road, pour forth mini waterfalls, making walking almost impossible. On This Morning up Campuhan Hill I stalked him, on my Scoopy, stopping every few moments to take another photo as he pushed his bike. He only looked around once, but didn’t seem to register me…

Shopping Mall

Sunrise at Bali Galeria shopping mall. Empty. Light and space. Shopping Mall Why was I at Bali Galeria at sunrise? I have no clue now. I’ve never been there that early before or since. It was amazing – a big empty space – no bikes or sounds. Just the odd cleaner pushing a mop. Usually the thousands of bikes and cars swarming around the hot hot building warm up your experience. Not on this day..