Jungle Shower

Jungle shower, Bali sunset. Typical day yo ?

Balangan Engagement

Balangan Elopement

Sajia + Shameer

suki zoe sajia shameer

Because How Could I Not

I’ll keep posting photos of Bambu Indah, because, how could I not? The new Honeymoon House, with it’s copper roof perching on a hillside, overlooking the river and the Nayan Pools – it’s a miracle of location, design and nature. It’s uniquely Bambu Indah. Another gem from Elora Hardy and Ibuku <3


suki zoe smoke bali


On my final night in England, I walked the lanes again. This time the sun was out, along with the combines. After cold days and a moody start to August, at last there was golden light and gold dust. Dust The powdered harvest filled the air.


After 5 years in Asia with 6pm sunsets (give or take 20 minutes), I craved long summer nights and European wine, cobbled streets, olives, blueberries and figs. And flirty skirts – without constant sweat. First step England, to spend time with family and friends. I have to seek out inspiration here – in Bali it’s just everywhere. Honeysuckle What else to shoot in a garden, but flowers? I’m rediscovering the flowers of my childhood. Honeysuckle stirs me.

Golden Fish

There are often Banyan trees on corners – the road turns in a beautiful sweep. Often there are graveyards too, or cremation grounds. This turn is on my route from Canggu to Ubud, and on this day, I hit it smack on sunset. Banyan to the left of me, golden fish to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle on my Scoopy. The fish men of Bali carry handmade wooden racks on the backs of their bikes, with tiny bags of gold fish hanging from them. All the more golden when lit by the sunset.

Wherever I Roam

I left Canggu, and found myself in California – just in time for winter don’t you know. I have epic timing. Again. And I found myself on another epic beach and a new sunset, facing kinda the same direction. Same sky, different light. Wherever I Roam As I travel, I seek out trees and beaches. Who knew this Londoner had so much nature in her? Guess I ain’t no Londoner no more..