Eve, Ubud Bali.


Herons in flight at sunrise. I’m living in Petutu, just north of Ubud – famous for being the home of 20,000 nesting herons.


Orphic (adj.) mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding

You’ve got the music in you, don’t you.

All the love and beauty of Sky and Renee.

No. 37

“When I look at my life I realise that the mistakes I have made, the things I really regret, were not errors of judgement but failures of feeling.” Jeanette Winterson When I need to catch up with myself – today’s state of mind and heart – I return to my greatest loves in music and literature. Where would I, where would we be without these anchors? Colours, textures, sound and visions – these threads through memory and life. This image is entitled No. 37 – because I have Dave Matthews’ voice in my head – from a live gig, “Song #41″ was titled thus so because it… creatively, as it’s the forty-first song we wrote, it’s called Number Forty One.” I discovered Dave Matthews one day at work at Sacred Chow in the West Village. Time stood still. A colleague said to me, ‘I don’t get you, you like Dave Mathews AND John Denver?’ At that very moment, over the speakers, Dave covered a JD song.. Today I’m burrowing into memories from colder places, from days before computers and personal cellular devices. When I photocopied pages from Jeanette’s books and pinned them around my bed..

Sajia + Shameer

suki zoe sajia shameer


Yogi Derek blew bubbles under the fairy lights for the little French girl..


There’s something about Sofia. A recent graduate of High Vibe Yoga, Sofia lit up Bisma Eight along with the sunrise..


Xavier Rudd closed Bali Spirit Festival 2017 with Spirit Bird. The song we’d all be waiting for. The crowd was still, hands clasped to hearts.


suki zoe emily kusersuki zoe emily kuser

David + Cassis

To know them is to love them. David and Cassis share something worth capturing. I tried.

Bisma 8

Elena at Bisma Eight


ubud portrait olivia bali


suki zoe dani


suki zoe lesya jump


suki zoe jana standing rock

Because How Could I Not

I’ll keep posting photos of Bambu Indah, because, how could I not? The new Honeymoon House, with it’s copper roof perching on a hillside, overlooking the river and the Nayan Pools – it’s a miracle of location, design and nature. It’s uniquely Bambu Indah. Another gem from Elora Hardy and Ibuku <3

The Nayan Pools

Saturdays with Elora and Nayan in the Nayan Pools at Bambu Indah. With the Ayung River rushing by below the pools, it’s another world. At sunset, the swallows swoop just above our heads… Thank you <3


She’s just naturally…yeah. <3  


This is why we get up early. Joana She is…yeah. And she’s doesn’t know it.


Friday morning, Ubud. There was cake. There was coffee.  

And Breathe

You know your jet lag is over when your insomnia is back to it’s usual schedule.. Campuhan Ridge sunrise – it never gets old.

Red Bike

I often have insomnia. This month was HOT. I woke up at sunrise in Penestanan. Jumped into my running shoes, and walked. The rains were late, the heat was an inferno. There was steam rising from the rice fields. The light was flooding golden everywhere. I passed a couple of men, starting work early, but otherwise I was alone. And then I saw the bike. Red Bike A rusty old bike, parked up by the path, with a generic red plastic shopping bag, hanging from the handles. Every country has their identifying item. In NYC is the blue paper coffee cup. In Bali, it’s the red trash bag. Not glamorous, but real.

Planet Backpack

During my first shoot with Conni on Campuhan Ridge she was upstaged by some bales of straw. Planet Backpack Conni is Germany’s No. 1 travel blogger. It was a pleasure to hang out with her and hear about how she lives, works and travels. Check out her site (all in German) for more.

Om Collection

I had the joy of a sunrise shoot at Ananda Cottages Ubud, with Katie Armstrong, renowned hula hooper Jocelyn Gordon and acclaimed dancer Shakti Sunfire for launch of Katie’s new fashion label. Om Collection Since this day, the Om Collection has gone from strength to strength! Inspiring to watch Katie start Om and then run with it.