There’s something about Sofia. A recent graduate of High Vibe Yoga, Sofia lit up Bisma Eight along with the sunrise..

Kura Kura

A detail, in the beautiful space of Kura Kura, Seseh. Handmade daily offerings by skilled Balinese mothers and grandmothers. Seseh is still a quiet seaside village, just up from the increasing busyness of Canggu. Kura Kura Tucked between the ocean and a river, Kura Kura retreat hosts 12 people in a purpose built repeat space. Heaven.

Erika Faith

Erika Faith, founder of Cloud Nine Yoga, California is a pioneer in the yoga world. After shooting her yogis in America, I was overjoyed to spend more time with them in Bali. Cloud Nine Yoga training is unique, and fosters a remarkable community of teachers around the world.

Bex Carlos

For the inaugural cover photo of Inspired Bali magazine, I met featured two of the key yogis in Ubud at the time. Bex Carlos Bex Tyer and Carlos Romero, yoga teachers at The Yoga Barn, pretty much led the acro yoga craze in Bali. You couldn’t move for yogis hitting the floor and flying each other. ‘Let me fly you’ became the hottest pickup line 🙂

Om Collection

I had the joy of a sunrise shoot at Ananda Cottages Ubud, with Katie Armstrong, renowned hula hooper Jocelyn Gordon and acclaimed dancer Shakti Sunfire for launch of Katie’s new fashion label. Om Collection Since this day, the Om Collection has gone from strength to strength! Inspiring to watch Katie start Om and then run with it.