Suki Zoe


*LGBTQ friendly and actively anti-racist.

I take photos. Compulsively. I had put my camera down for many years, until my best friends asked me to photograph their wedding. Inspired, as always by movies, books and music - I shoot to speak a thousands words.


Self-taught, I found my way into a darkroom aged 14 after failing most of my exams. Many future bathrooms were transformed into chemical soaked, photo labs. Sorry landlords.

After graduating with a degree in silversmithing & metalwork from Camberwell College of Arts, my most refined skill was tea drinking. Not having any better ideas, I ran away to New York City with $150 and a small pink suitcase. There I learnt to rollerblade, married a poet and I had not one, but three jobs as a personal muse. Truth. The rest, as we say, is history.

I love nothing more than capturing your moments of love and joy, work and play: moments of magic, the human spirit - moments lost unless caught by my lens. I don’t photograph stuff, I photograph the way it makes me feel. I am a lover of beach sunrises, boats, riding my scooter and making chocolate. Yes, chocolate. I first found myself in Bali because chocolate grows there. A Londoner, sometimes found in Indonesia - I'm available to hire to in any fabulous, or not so fabulous location. 

“Suki has magic. I have proof. Look at her photos. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Her stills have the quality of motion. Little stories. Suki’s eye captures what is missed by most of us and suddenly the moment is inspired mood, feeling & light.”